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Holiday Home Search Engine: Perfect Getaways Opts For New System

Holiday Home Search Engine: Perfect Getaways Opts For New System

A Press release dated October 2nd 2008 claimed a new holiday home search engine was launched. Imitating search engines like Google it works by keying in a required destination and hitting the search button. Just like aforementioned search engine the system then displays not only matches for your chosen destination but also similar choices.

With over 25 countries listed (and the number is increasing rapidly), you could search for the country of your choice or for a more specific region, for example, “north” or “south”. Once again you are presented with a list of results that most closely match your search requirement.

After experimenting a little with the system, it does seem to be incredibly versatile. South Africa, South Carolina, South Wales, South Island and South of Rome are just some of the results returned when keying in “South”

Simplify your search to Spain for example and a mouse click later finds you presented with a list of properties (holiday villas and holiday homes) in that specific country. It appears the properties are listed randomly which means any of the properties could appear at the top of search list.

All properties, once clicked on reveal a list of features including amenities and prices along with photographs of the property and location.

The site advertises private holiday home accommodation direct from the owner via the website. It is a classic transaction website, bringing together holidaymaker and holiday home owner.

The original website was launched in August 2007, it grew quickly and within nine months had thousands of properties listed.

Having had a look around, this villa rental website does seem very easy to use and is a great idea allowing people who may not be particularly internet savvy to also find their way around without too much difficulty. The owners of the holiday villas can be contacted directly either by email or phone enabling both parties to make arrangements with the minimum of fuss and effort.

A few of the features available on the site are as follows:

Holiday homes and villas now listed in their thousands

Holiday home search engine (keyword search)

Countries and locations being added all the time

Rent or advertise

Advertising rates appear very competitive

In conclusion, user friendly and new, this holiday home seach engine seems to tick all the right boxes for both holidaymakers and property owners

The holiday home search engine seems to be both user friendly and a fantastic way of either renting a holiday home or searching for one.

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